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Armstrong Podiatry Doctors and Staff


Dr. L Kelsey Armstrong, DPM,CSCSDr. L Kelsey Armstrong, DPM, CSCS

A graduate of Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Armstrong is one of the few podiatric physicians who is not only board certified by the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry (ABMSP), but is also certified in Strength and Conditioning Science by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). A native of Toronto, Canada, Dr. Armstrong has treated athletes and non-athletes in Canada and the U.S. for over fifteen years, focusing on getting individuals moving as quickly as possible, by nonsurgical means. A former international track and field athlete, Dr. Armstrong is also a certified USATF Level I coach and official. He is well known as a foot and ankle expert, appearing on television (The Shopping Bags), radio (Doctor Radio) and online media (Women's Health Online), along with being a medical editor for FootVitals.com

Uranie P. Browne-Armstrong, MBA, M.S.Uranie P. Browne-Armstrong, MBA, M.S.

As a graduate of Duke University. UNC-CH and Wake Forest University, Uranie has been a part of the local area for over 15 years. As a business/marketing manager with green belt six sigma certification, she is able to impart valuable expertise in the field of medical business management. Also a former athlete and biomedical engineer, she has worked with professional and recreational athletes for the dual purpose of the advancement of research in the biomedical field and imparting valuable knowledge gained through her amateur and professional basketball athletic career. In addition, she is the founder of a recruiting aid website, Docentz.com


Armstrong Podiatry; Image of Dr. Nina Aly Elshiekh Dr.Nina Aly Elshiekh-Crego, LMBT #1474

One of the premier massage therapists in the Triangle Area, she has been providing services since 2000. A Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology, Dr. Elshiekh-Crego has an understanding of the human body unique to her profession. Furthemore, she is well versed in Bowen Therapy/Neurostrucutral Integration, Muscle Release Technique, Medical Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Kinesiotaping and R-phase certified, a combination unmatched in the local area. Dr. Elshiekh has worked with all types of individuals, including Virginia Tech's swimming/diving teams, Duke University men's swimming team, UNC gymnastic team, professional cyclists, runners and even with Paralympic athletes. Take advantage of this unique opportunity for wellness!


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Armstrong Podiatry Laser Therapy

Armstrong podiatry laser therapy

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Dr.Nina Aly Elshiekh-Crego,LMBT#1474

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